More broken promises from Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport has broken so many promises it’s hard to keep track.

Late last year, Burswood residents were shocked to discover a new proposal to divert the Eastern Busway from the long-planned Ti Rakau Dr route through Burswood, demolishing homes and devastating the local community.

Since then, Auckland Transport has promised to hold face-to-face meetings with the community. However, instead, all we got was three 1-hour online sessions with half that time for the project team to talk, leaving countless questions unanswered.

I support the Eastern Busway – it’s a critical piece of transport infrastructure we need to make public transport more reliable – but east Auckland needs the busway we were promised and locals deserve to be heard and respected.

Auckland Transport has proven unable or unwilling to do either, despite the valiant efforts of locals. Why is Auckland Council letting them get away with this appalling behaviour?

Damian Light