Friday, February 23, 2024

Local boards to be reduced

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Boards coming together as one would include Albert-Eden and Puketāpapa, Waitakere Ranges and Henderson-Massey or Papakura and Manurewa.

But though some of Auckland’s elected members called it a fresh approach to a politically stagnant Super City, others worried it would harm the ability of the average Aucklander to be heard.

As a previous Local Board member, I don’t believe it will make the slightest difference to outcomes, as no notice was ever made of local board concerns when I was on the board.

We were just there to make the public believe their concerns actually mattered.

The Board voted 5 to 4 not to proceed with the Burswood bus bypass and we were totally ignored. As far as I know, our two councillors even did not support it.

Each year we were given a large sum of money and told either spend it or lose it.

Some of the things the board spent it on were, in my opinion, a complete waste of money.

That was the reason I retired from the board.

Bob Wichman,

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