Let’s talk money

Christopher Luxon talks like he doesn’t understand money.

Money allows a complex society where humans do different jobs instead of all munching in the same field like cows. The transactions make an economy.

So what makes a sound economy? First, proper money backed by real wealth – something people agree has value, like gold, land and food.

Divorcing money from wealth was bad enough, but why on earth did politicians allow the creation of the new fake money to be in the hands of private banks, whose aim is to maximise profits for shareholders? Of course they lend it to the wealthy to make more money, no matter how or the cost to society.

A safe society costs money to run – education, health care and, of course, National’s favourite – stricter policing of the yobs. So why is Mr Luxon promising lower taxes? Can he not see the state is going to need to collect more tax? He knows wage earners can hardly pay more – he talks about the cost of living “crisis” often enough.

He needs to find a way of taxing unearned income like the huge capital gains he and other “investors” have made from buying houses other people needed to live in.

Dennis Horne