Sunday, December 10, 2023

Lack of justice for victims

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I would like to thank Ross Nielson for responding to my letter (Times May 10 )

I feel there is a major part missing from our justice system and that is that the person who commits pain and/or suffering to another person (or animal) is exempt from having any like pain or suffering inflicted on them .

Bullies are cowards and if they thought the same thing would happen to them, then they would think twice.

As a teacher in corporal punishment days, I found this to be a major deterrent to bullying as anyone caught bullying was a coward at punishment time.

I think of the old man who was left for dead and whose assailants were not punished. What does that say of the judge concerned and I question their competence to be a judge. How are they appointed?

No crime should go unpunished no matter how small; everyone should be answerable for their actions.

Arthur Moore

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