Tuesday, May 28, 2024

How can pensioners get their shopping?

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Re the latest SuperSeniors Newsletter March Covid-19 Special Edition.

(Specifically: “If you can, get someone to drop your groceries off to you, or order your groceries online and have them delivered to your door.”)

A great informative newsletter but words don’t tell all the facts.

It’s not working that well as two people who are health compromised, the supermarkets are not preforming as they guaranteed, they can’t take orders for delivery in the Howick area so have to rely on other people who have enough workloads already.

The government has given the two supermarket chains a near 95 per cent duopoly on the guarantee they could handle the situation, but they’re not.

More shops like the vege, butchers, Bin Inns etc. need to be allowed to open under proper guidelines so as to help ease the problem.

How are you going to fix this problem? These emails to us pensioners don’t help if the government doesn’t do as they promise.

So far a great and very difficult job has been done, but words alone won’t fix the problems outlined above.

Ronnie Hoogenberg

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