Monday, April 22, 2024

Guidelines are evidence-based

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Unfortunately, I found the front page of our local paper at the dairy today [December 26].

It was disappointing and hurtful to find the headline about the very important gender and sexuality guidelines being opposed by one parent.

These are outdated, not evidence-based opinions of a very small group of people. By doing so, you are perpetuating and normalising these views and adding to the hurt these children and their families will be experiencing.

This is not balanced or evidence-based reporting. Please consider how you report this issue going forward. If reported like this it may need a trigger warning and helpline included because we know these policies’ place [is] to protect mental health and [against] suicide. This is evidence-based.

The guidelines, when read in full, are used age-appropriately by schools and based on evidence.

Kristina Marckean

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