Fresh Choice, I’m not 65 yet

Getting older and owning your age is something to be proud of, but I was catapulted into Gold Card age range recently by Fresh Choice staff at least five years too soon.

Thank you for this reality check for a second time in not so many weeks.
Fresh Choice have me tagged as 65 or older although I’ve only just turned 60 therefore don’t have a Gold Card.

Fit as a fiddle in my gym clothes and not even grey yet, feelings of confusion raced through my mind when a checkout operator at Fresh Choice, Half Moon Bay, struck out unexpectedly in a clear loud voice, “Do you have a Gold Card?” Desperately, I turned around to look for someone else who is of that age, but nobody is close. I mutter quietly and slightly dejectedly, “No?” and vow to wear makeup and do my hair next time.

I hope vainly no other customers are within earshot. All too soon, there is a next time and it does happen again; the hair and makeup do nothing to avoid the assault. Thank you Fresh Choice for offering me a Gold Card discount five years too soon or perhaps it’s time to get on the TV programme, “10 Years Younger.”

Feeling young and healthy but looking old.

Name withheld
Bucklands Beach