Crossing on Pakuranga Road

I read with dismay the article in the Times (May 25) re the proposed raised crossing on Pakuranga Road.

I went to the website

mentioned to register my utter disbelief but could not find any reference to the proposal or any way of providing feedback, despite trawling through the pages and pages of waffling spin.

These people have never travelled on Pakuranga Road nor tried to get somewhere using this route for, if they had done, they would know that a raised crossing will certainly turn the whole area into more gridlock than is currently happening at regular times of the day.

One only has to look at their offering on Cascades Road to see cars backed up for hundreds of metres, during the day, when some timid driver negotiates the hump at 5km/h and the domino effect takes a considerable time to clear. On Pakuranga Road, it would never clear.

If the people responsible for this brainwave looked at their own map of crashes and injuries (since 2014) instead of being driven mindlessly by some airy-fairy ideology, they would see that there has been absolutely no incidences at all, anywhere along that stretch of Pakuranga Road between the town centre and the top of Cascades Road, so where they dredge up an idea that suddenly people are going to get hurt, just because the speed limit is 60km/h is beyond reasoning.

The country is going mad.

Marty Kebble
Pakuranga Heights