Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Council Litter Bins

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We have a City Council responsible for collecting our trash
At least we thought so, but a recent decision appears rash
We currently have litter bins in recreational places for scraps
Where folk out for a walk or picnic deposit ice-cream wraps

These bins are emptied and taken by truck to the local landfill
But now a Council decision is destined to rob it of public goodwill
As part of a Mayoral savings initiative, the Council has decided
To remove 2500 litter bins, a decision so misguided

This public service, the Council believes, costs them dearly
If litter bins are removed, $1.363m can be saved yearly
Is there a risible idea in here, that if you don’t collect refuse
The amount going into landfill will be reduced

If bins were removed, it is hoped environmentally-aware voters
Would pack their dog’s droppings, bottles and nappies into their motors
They would do the right thing and carry smelly rubbish far
No matter the weight or distance, back to their car

The Auckland City Council has an elevated opinion of the human race
No bin? Let’s leave it piled high in the bin’s place
Soon the mound becomes unsightly, then a festering odour
Beautiful recreation areas foul, while Auckland City Council turns freeloader

NZ is a windy place, and rubbish unhoused would blow around
Landing on beaches and waterways where it won’t break down
It will ultimately finish up in the sea, causing all sorts of strife
To float in and out on the tide, choking and poisoning marine life

Areas of natural beauty will be degraded and robbed of attraction
It will then be too late for the Council to take action
Imagine the smell in the height of summer’s heat
Imagine winter wind blowing around refuse in your street

Our lovely harbour will float with rotting detritus blown from the land
Will the Council then jump to attention and finally take command?
After all they will have saved over $1m, but wait – now it will cost dearly
If only the Auckland City Council had reasoned this out and seen the problem clearly

Bear in mind also, Auckland’s population is growing by the day
We have new citizens from world parts where the habit is “throw away”
The days are gone since “Be a Tidy Kiwi” was part of our genome
We now have children not brought up to “Take Your Rubbish Home”

So bring back the bins and let’s be sensible.

Celia Martin, Dannemora

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