Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Council entertainment expenditure

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With Auckland Council complaining it is strapped for cash, I would question why it is spending money on providing entertainment for the populace.

The council are not the only ones feeling the pinch. Those of us on fixed incomes, especially the elderly superannuitants, are finding we are having to cut back on our expenditure but the council can get more money out of us by putting up the rates. It is a situation we have no control over but it reduces our income still further.

I would like the council to cut out things that are nice to have and concentrate on essentials. We do not need movies or music in the parks for example. They may only cost $45,000 but this is 15 people’s rates.

How do you feel about it?

Also other giveaways could be canned such as the Howick Local Board’s giveaway of $32,000. If this is multiplied by all the local boards, it will amount to a very large amount (how much did the local board members contribute out of their own pockets)?

The latest daft idea is to cut the number of rubbish bins in half. The ones outside Domino’s are overflowing and it is not even rubbish collection day.

We will soon become the city of slums.

The council needs to spend our money on essentials not on frivolities.

Arthur Moore, Pakuranga

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