Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Coronavirus Covid-19 – fear puts us in as much risk

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Fear puts us at risk just as much as the coronavirus.

Being constantly fearful creates prolonged exposure to stress hormones which weakens our immune systems and make us more vulnerable to the very thing we are stressed about.

A more proactive approach is to nourish our bodies with hydration, healthy food, exercise, sleep and fresh air to support our immune systems; be extra vigilant with hygiene to protect ourselves and others; and be aware of the situation without being constantly focused on it 24/7.

We need to give ourselves time to de-stress instead of constantly being in distress.

The coronavirus will not last forever; nothing does.  We can choose to pull together as a community, make sure everyone’s needs are met (especially our more vulnerable community members) and remember we are all in this together.

Our strength lies in responding with compassion, rather than reacting with fear.

J Adolph


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