Climate change religion

Do we now have a new ‘Climate Change Religion’?

COP26 [the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference] has just wound up with serious hypocrisy and concerns that global warming will continue because of Man’s polluting with CO2 and methane emissions.

Even the Pope and Prince Charles have expressed their fears.

Why then should you and I be concerned? Like all religions and theories there are always those who express an alternative view.

We have powerful scientific and political voices on both sides of this discussion. But when boiled down it is either Man that is blamed for polluting the atmosphere or it is the Sun’s cycles and coronal outbursts that determine the climate.

Certainly, man is not in charge of the Sun’s output but God is. After all He flooded the earth 4200 years ago and gave us this beautiful planet to live on.

So should we fear, as this new religion would have us believe? I think not. Yes, we are experiencing climate change and will have to strengthen stop banks, build fire breaks, and prepare for earthquakes and tsunamis. These are all increasing in intensity and frequency and these are ways God uses to shake us out of our apathy.

Man has little or no control over the climate; it is controlled by the Sun cycles and the Creator God. Acknowledging his purposes births our human wisdom and removes undue fear.

Ian George, Howick