Can you please help Ukraine?

Ukrainian Tatyana Ganich has lived in Howick for 20 years. Photo supplied

Help Ukraine – save the world. It could be too late tomorrow.

I came to New Zealand 20 years ago from Ukraine and have lived in Howick since.

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and started to bomb civilians in Ukraine, many people in NZ and throughout the world were shocked by such aggression and brutality.

Each day we see on the news brave Ukrainians, including children, dying under ruins of destroyed homes, hospitals and on the streets. Its citizens are defending not only their country and freedom but also global stability and peace, bearing in mind Putin’s appetite for Russian expansion.

I know many people in NZ are ready to help somehow to stop Putin’s army and its inhuman behaviour.

Our Kiwi gardener, for instance, told me he will cut our grass for free for 12 month and that money we should send to Ukraine. I could not hold my tears – such a kind and generous gesture!

To make it easier for people willing to help to stop Putin’s violence and show him his place,

I want to give several links where they can send money.

Revive soldiers

Voices of children

Help Ukraine, NZ account 03-0195-0605412-001

(My private account I opened for Ukraine. If some people will find it easier to pay to a NZ bank. I will transfer all money to the charities myself).

Tatyana Ganich