Sunday, December 3, 2023

Can someone please enforce fireworks rules

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I live near Eastern Beach and have been enduring ongoing nightly disturbances from fireworks in the area.

The noise, which can start anytime from 4pm and last until the early hours of the next day, is caused by various groups setting off loud fireworks. This disrupts our sleep and terrifies our pets, leaving scorch marks and waste in its wake.

Starting three days prior to bonfire night, and continuing on a nightly basis, fireworks continue to be launched from the beach and reserve, further affecting the residents.

Beaches and reserves attract people from areas far beyond the peninsula, thereby concentrating the impact of fireworks in this area.

The continuing nuisance causes many residents to decamp to relatives in other areas for the sake of their sanity and that of their pets.

Those of us who have to work are left trying to comfort stressed animals, drugging our pets every night on top of dealing with sleep deprivation.

Despite multiple calls to Auckland Council’s noise control (the only avenue open for enforcement of the firework ban), their officers have failed to address the issue effectively.

It seems they are either unaware or uninterested in enforcing fireworks rules.

A call to the police was met with an unsympathetic response, claiming it’s only a few days a year.

The reality is that fireworks continue randomly between Guy Fawkes Night and New Year’s, making it hard for us to plan.

Auckland Council must enforce their rules and educate the public. They should place signs at regular intervals, undertake public notifications/social media and enforce the ban with warnings and fines. The rules exist; now they need to be advertised and enforced.

I would be interested to hear if the council plans to implement effective enforcement. Is Howick Local Board able to assist with any aspect?

Name withheld

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