Sunday, December 10, 2023

Argument makes no sense

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Re: Strawman, loaded question or both, [Ryan Price, Times, May 24].

Ryan Price still does not realise his position makes no sense. Either adding CO2 to the atmosphere is heating Earth – as the science predicted, measures and explains – or it does not.

And please, no more nonsense about Richard Feynman. He did not write a paper that “quoted Maxwell while demonstrating how an atmosphere comprised of only nitrogen and oxygen would perform as predicted, with no radiative forcing, CO2 or H20.”

A 1963 lecture set out a very simplistic atmospheric model – as I wrote months ago – to calculate pressure with altitude and, with it, comments on the distribution of nitrogen and oxygen with height under gravity.

Nothing to do with the greenhouse effect, which Feynman never disputed.

Here is the paper: The Principles of Statistical Mechanics,

Mr Price, are you regurgitating garbage from a crank site?
<> It starts: The great physicist Richard Feynman adds to three other giants of physics, Maxwell, Clausius, and Carnot, who have explained the “greenhouse effect” is solely a consequence of gravity, atmospheric mass, pressure, density, and heat capacities, and is not due to

“trapped radiation” from IR-active or ‘greenhouse’ gas concentrations.

Richard Feynman was a giant of physics, no question. He never passed comment on man-made global warming. Why would he, it was standard science when he died? In 1988. Do catch up, Mr Price.

Dennis Horne

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