Monday, April 22, 2024

A stain on our humanity

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The ongoing destruction and death in Gaza, the daily raids including damaging infrastructure and violent encroaching of settlements in the West Bank, while the world watches in silence, our peace agencies powerless, is a stain on our humanity.

A week ago, 100 Gazans were gunned down while desperately clambering for aid that has been strangled by Israel, with more, similar killings this week.

At least in the Old Testament it was an eye for an eye. October 7 was awful, but so has been the hostile Israeli occupation (which is not to condone October 7).

Palestinians have now suffered 22 times more in terms of deaths, 73 times more in terms of days, 66 times more in terms of prisoners taken, and the destruction -500 times more? A thousand?

All in the name of defence, with full US military support, and 80 per cent of Americans endorsing the carnage.

The goal has not been to selectively eradicate Hamas, it has been to starve and kill Gazans and make Gaza uninhabitable.

Why has the West Bank been ruthlessly targeted? And if [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu does not believe in a two-state solution, and says Israel is a Jewish state, where must Palestinians live?

Praying for a permanent ceasefire, justice and reconciliation.

Steve Lincoln, Botany Downs

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