A Christmas poem

2021 Christmas Greetings‘, a poem by Trish Robertson, sent to the Times by her friend, Carol Clarke of Howick

Hello friends and family
From countries all round
Christmas greetings to you
From NZ in lockdown.
A different new Christmas
Could be the new norm
Click and collect,
Online buys is the form.
Queuing at bookshops
Social distance of course
Scan Covid app
In case you are a source.
Faces identical
Covered by masks
Glasses fog, hearing fades
Talking is hard.
Takeaway coffees
Contactless treats
Sitting in parks
For friends to meet.
Well, Covid-19
And Delta too
Arrived on our shore
And infected a few
So now we’re all careful
We’re hunkering down
Till this tricky new bug
Has vanished from town.
We’re injecting a serum
Of strong festive cheer
So let’s hope it drives away
Covid and fear.
Here’s to a Christmas
Just like any other
Where family and friends
Can all come together.
Where gifts can be given
And Christmas fare shared
And Christian traditions
Will not be impaired.
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night
Let’s forget Covid
And party tonight.