A press cartoonist is born

Blomfield’s first cartoon for press publication centres around the long-running transport debate.

Today we publish the first cartoon from Blomfield (Darren Blomfield), a cartoonist for more than 30 years and now part of the Times Newspapers team. Born in west Auckland and living his life out west with a background in graphic design and print.

A new generation of illustrator from a long line of Blomfield artists, Darren brings a style very similar to his great great uncle William Blomfield (cartoonist for the Observer, in Wellington from 1870s – 1920s) JC Blomfield (cartoonist for the Auckland Star in the 1920s).

He continues the legacy like his Grandfather Val Blomfield, father Colin Blomfield, and sister Sharon Blomfield, who are also known New Zealand artists.

Charles Blomfield, the famous landscape artist from the 1860s, is also related.

Cartooning at corporate events functions, he is becoming known nationally in this unique medium and lost art in which he is seeking to continue the Blomfield tradition.

His goal is to aspire to such legends as Emmerson and Bromhead in becoming a household name in cartooning and give a Blomfield perspective on current affairs and news.

“I hope my illustrations are three things: engaging, emotive, entertaining,” he said.