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Young family says new home is life-changing

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The Moala family, Angela, Caylee, Cayden and Boaz. Photo supplied

Getting mortgage-ready has helped the Moala family achieve their dream of buying a brand-new home.

Former Pakuranga residents Boaz and Angela Moala, along with their two children Cayden (7) and Caylee (5), moved into their new three-bedroom home in Glen Innes recently as part of Tamaki Regeneration’s (TRC) affordable housing programme.

“Now we don’t have any fears that someone is going to knock on our door and tell us they’re going to sell the house, which was the worry when we were renting,” Boaz says.

“The security means it brings some stability for us and our children.”

The Moala whanau are part of the TRC shared ownership programme, where families take at least a 70 per cent share in the home, while TRC takes up to a 30 per cent share, which is paid back over time.

Owning their own home has offered the family freedom they wouldn’t otherwise have had.
“Now we have something for our children and their financial future too.”

Both Boaz and Angela have strong links to TRC’s catchment area, which includes Panmure, Point England and Glen Innes.

Angela has been a teacher at Point England School for several years and Boaz was a pastor at a church in Glen Innes. His role as a community programmer at Auckland Council means he helps run the Panmure Community Hall.

“My wife and I are so involved in this community – having a house in Tamaki is amazing. Our kids go to school here, our friends and jobs are here.”

“Our children love it – they finally have their own rooms.”

The Moala whanau have also been getting to know the neighbours, including some other families involved in the shared ownership programme.

“One of our neighbours works with me at school and some of the kids across the road I’ve taught,” Angela says.

“All of these connections are awesome.”

People who have strong links to suburbs in TRC’s boundaries (Panmure, Point England and Glen Innes) may be eligible for the affordable housing programme. Go here for more information.

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