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Young baseball stars recognised at prize-giving

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The Howick-Pakuranga Baseball Premiers are Auckland Baseball Association champs for 2023-24, finishing the season with a perfect 13-0 record. Photo supplied

The Howick-Pakuranga Hawks Baseball Club has named its standout players for the 2023-2024 season.

Season highlights include having at least one team in every Auckland Baseball Association (ABA) grade.

Of note also are the club’s 14U Baddies all-female team, being ABA competition winners in 13U, 14U, 16U and Premier league, the Premier team going undefeated in ABA competition, winning the inaugural Fellet–Davies cup, and the interclub competition between HP and Bayside.

The club hosted three major tournaments, being the men’s nationals, Asia Pacific Little League Senior League (16U) qualifier, and Little League Junior League (14U) regional qualifier.

Here’s the results of the club’s latest prize-giving:

Kiwi Ball – Sluggers

Coaches – Anna Marck, Andrew Marck, Jenna Burnett, Mark Tombleson, Kate Putty, Brian Putty, Kristina Marckean, Mel Pantelides, Adam Carpenter, Sean Donovan

Kiwi Ball – Sluggers teams presented with Participation Medals

10U Cardinals

Coaches – Scott Campbell & Simon Williams

Team presented with Participation Medals

10U Yankees

Coach – Krista Narula

Assistant Coaches – Emma Mostert, Shaun Bay

Team presented with Participation Medals

12U Pirates

Coach – Darryl Churchill

Assistant coaches – Rhian Huggard, Stefan Mostert

Most Improved Player – Piper Fletcher

Pitching of the Year – Piripi Huggard-Ramsay

Hitter of the Year – Ryan Mostert

Coaches Award – Ciara Bailey

12U Padres

Coach – Glenn Campbell

Assistant Coach – Mike Murphy

Most Improved Player – Luke Davidson

Pitching of the Year – Mason Tsao

Hitter of the Year – Jeremy Hodder

Coaches Award – Beckett Murphy

13U Mohawks

Coach – Aaron Campbell

Assistant Coaches – Shane Etzenhouser, Jonathan Scanlan

Most Improved Player – Connor Pedersen

Pitching of the Year – Amani Etzenhouser

Hitter of the Year – Curtis Campbell

Coaches Award – Kayden Wood

13U Tomahawks

Coach – Mark Cooper

Assistant Coaches – Disco (Jason Mitchell), Gareth McCloughen

Most Improved Player – Charlie McElwee

Pitching of the Year – Tavita-Mokoenga Arthur-Witika

Hitter of the Year – Tavita-Mokoenga Arthur-Witika

Coaches Award – Jackson Troup

ABA 13U Champions

14U Baddies

Coach – Sharysse Kjestrup-Caudwell

Assistant Coaches – Mark Cooper, Simon Williams

Most Improved Player – Samantha Bongiovanni

Pitching of the Year – Olivia Williams

Hitter of the Year – Olivia Williams

Coaches Award – Mila Sutch-Daniels

14U Nighthawks

Coaches – Paul Wansbone & Matt Aukett

Most Improved Player – Kerek Liu

Pitching of the Year – Simon Aukett

Hitter of the Year – Simon Aukett

Coaches Award – Hannis Ellapen

ABA 14U Champions

Pakuranga College pupil Simon Aukett was named Pitcher and Hitter of the Year for the 14U Nighthawks team. Photo supplied Pakuranga College

16U Hawks

Coach – Dan Amosa

Assistant Coaches – Jonathan Scanlan, Matua Gabe Tuhoro, Api Waru

Most Improved Player – Toby McCamish

Pitching of the Year – Nikau Waru

Hitter of the Year – Shayne Scanlan

Coaches Award – Nico Bailey

ABA 16U Champions

19U Hawks

Coaches – Mark Irwin, Gerald Schoeneberg, Hayden Wildbore


Coaches – Mark Irwin, Gerald Schoeneberg, Hayden Wildbore


Coach – John Fellet

Assistant Coaches – Mark Irwin, Jono Fellet

ABA Champions. 13-0 Record in ABA Competition

Club Awards

Scorer of the Year – Sam Wansbone

Volunteer of the Year – Sarah Scanlan

Kevin Nepia Award – Jason Mitchell

Team of the Year – 16U Hawks

Coach of the Year – Dan Amosa

Umpire of the Year – Jason Mitchell

Dingwall Award – Ben Bongiovanni

Club Person of the Year – Gareth McCloughen

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