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Woman bashed at home in Dannemora

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A woman has been assaulted in her Dannemora home after she walked in on a burglar.

The victim, who wishes only to be known as Mrs K, arrived home early last week to find an intruder rummaging through her belongings in her home on Chapel Road.

The mother and wife suffered bruising and a concussion after being punched in the head by the intruder when he turned on her as she was yelling for help.

“I don’t feel safe in my own home after this,” she says.

“It was terrifying. At first I thought I saw him holding a gun and when he came towards me I thought, ‘he’s going to shoot me’.”

She says she arrived home to find the internal access door between her garage and lounge wide open, despite having closed the door before she left the house that morning.

“I knew something was wrong before I even saw the man running from my lounge to the kitchen,” she says.

Mrs K says she started calling for help, knowing the intruder had seen her.

“Suddenly he came towards me, pushed me into the car and punched me in my face three times. I just blanked out and collapsed.”

She called the police no more than five minutes after the assault which took place around 1pm on Monday October 30, she says.

Mrs K says the intruder was a middle-aged man of mixed European and Maori or Pacific decent, dark hair and was wearing a tidy white t-shirt and shorts.

Mrs K says he was driving a silver Volkswagen hatchback.

Police responded to the incident and say the matter is currently under investigation by the Tactical Crime Unit.

Mrs K is urging residents to be careful and be on the lookout for suspicious activity in the area.

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