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Weather holds for annual Funduro

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Riders have three hours to complete either four or six stages and they are only timed on the stages, not between stages. Photos Nick Krause

Byron Scott and Alex Clark took out the overall male and female 6 Stage titles respectively at the Pohutukawa Coast Bike Club’s [PCBC] annual Funduro mountain biking event in Maraetai Forest on Saturday.

Taking the overall titles in the 4 Stage male and female events were Hugh Henshaw and Millie McPhail respectively. Around 200 riders were involved on the day.

The Funduro event has been running annually for the last seven years. The race is an enduro style event targeted at everyone who loves riding bikes. Riders have three hours to complete either four or six stages and they are only timed on the stages, not between stages.

“It is a great format for everyone to enjoy and you don’t have to be super fit, although a little fitness helps,” said PCBC’s Mandy McDavitt.

“We had little rippers aged from six-year- old to well-seasoned legends (50+) and it was so great to see that half the competitors were under 18. It shows that organisations like PCBC youth academy and Jaffa kids are providing the opportunity for young kids to get involved and grow in the sport.

“We normally don’t have much luck with the weather for this event, and after being postponed due to atrocious weather in November, it was a relief to finally get a perfect day – not too hot, no rain (ok maybe a little shower) and mint track conditions.

“Although it’s a Funduro, there is some fierce competition amongst the local riders, some of whom do pretty well on the national stage.”

McDavitt said the day is not all about racing – hence the name – but the social aspect of meeting other people who enjoy the sport as well as socialising after the event with a cold beverage in one hand and pizza in the other, all the while waiting in anticipation of who beat who and, ultimately, who gets to win the free bike kindly donated by Myride Botany.

“A big thanks to all those who entered, to the sponsors (Myride Botany, Countdown, Ray White, Hallertau, Acorn Group, The Pokeno Whiskey Co) and the volunteers and a huge congratulations to those who made the podium in their categories and also the overall winners on the day,” she said.

The next event on the PCBC calendar is May 12, dubbed the Maraetai Dirty Du. It is an off-road duathlon event for all the runners and bikers out there. There will be individual and team categories.

“This is a new event jointly organised by the Pohutukawa Coast Bike Club and Yeah We Run,” said McDavitt.

“We are currently looking for sponsors and it would be great for local businesses to get behind this local organised event. Please get in touch with the bike club – pohutukawabike@gmail.com – if you are interested.”

Overall winners

6 Stage Male – Byron Scott, 1; Carson Rayner, 2; Hunter Bint, 3.

6 Stage Female – Alex Clark, 1; Brooke Chadderton, 2; Andrea Marchant, 3.

4 Stage Male – Hugh Henshaw, 1; Zanda Timmermans-Friskney, 2; Thomas Bere-Adams, 3.

4 Stage Female: Millie McPhail, 1; Anna Johnson, 2; Zoe Lee, 3.

Category winners

4 Stage U18 Male – Tomas Bere-Adams, 1; Brooklyn Lambert, 2; Josh Bere-Adams, 3.

4 Stage Rippers (U14) Male – Hugh Henshaw, 1; Zanda Timmermans-Friskn, 2; Dillon McCaw, 3.

4 Stage Little Rippers (U10) Male – Robbie Parfoot, 1; Jakub Lukac, 2; Ezra Peak, 3.

4 Stage U14 Female – Millie McPhail, 1; Zoe Lee, 2; Hazel McDonald, 3.

4 Stage Little Rippers (U10) Female – Anna Johnson, 1.

6 Stage E-Bike Female – Shelley Hickman, 1; Robyn Crane, 2.

6 Stage E-Bike Male – Roger Helliwell, 1; Lee Russell, 2; Pete Devereux, 3.

6 Stage Legends (50+) Male – Perry Hughes, 1; Nick Goldwater, 2; Greg Bain, 3.

6 Stage Legends (50+) Female – Andrea Marchant, 1; Sandra Russell, 2.

6 Stage Masters (35-49) Male – Byron Scott, 1; Turquoise Warrior, 2; Ben Sanders, 3.

6 Stage Masters (35-49) Female – Nicole Blackwood, 1; Frankie Cummings, 2; Melissa Jack, 3.

6 Stage Open (18-34) Male – Carson Rayner, 1; Sam Stockwell 2; David Shue, 3.

6 Stage Open (18-34) Female – Brooke Chadderton, 1; Mie Riisom, 2.

6 Stage 14-17 Male – Hunter Bint, 1; Ed Smit, 2; Hunter McCabe, 3.

6 Stage 14-17 Female – Alex Clark, 1; Ailidh McKinnon, 2.


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