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‘We want clients to have an experience’

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Al Moseley, far right, with his team of talented barbers Jacob, Poese and Paula. Times photo Chris Harrowell

Al Moseley took a major risk opening a barbershop in east Auckland during the Covid-19 pandemic but it’s paying off big-time.

The proud local opened the doors of his BarberShopCo in Howick’s Picton Street in early 2022.

It’s a spotless, well-lit, warm and welcoming space and boasts a small team of experienced and friendly barbers.

“What we want is for clients to have an experience and when they walk out they’re looking, smelling, and feeling amazing,” Moseley says.

“Generally our cuts are about 25-30 minutes. Some customers want the full service so that might take up to an hour.

“The other difference is we take our time. Our clients are not rushed or hurried.

“I know time is important for customers and they’ll tell us if they’re in a hurry, but we don’t do cuts in 15 minutes. That’s not us.”

People wanting their hair cut can just walk in or book beforehand using the barbershop’s helpful queuing app.

“They pick Howick as their closest store and it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up,” Moseley says.

“They join the queue and say they’re on their way and it gives an estimated time, so if we’re busy people aren’t spending an hour in here waiting.

“It’s a game-changer for us and people are loving it.”

Moseley’s barbers talk to each customer about what they want done and following the haircut they can move to the wash station for a wash and rinse before being soothed with a eucalyptus-scented hot towel on their face and head.

The business also sells high-quality styling products including from The Bowery in New York City.

“We stock New Zealand-made products with no chemicals and all-natural ingredients for natural skin,” Moseley says.

“We cater for all ages from three to 99. The community has really come out and supported us, which is really cool.

“Being a new brand I was a little bit nervous but people seem to enjoy what we’re doing and they keep returning. That’s what it’s all about.

“Finding the right shop was really important to me. First and foremost being on the main street and having it be spacious and modern.”

Men’s cuts cost $40 and children, students and senior citizens are $35. There’s also pricing for specialised cuts such as patterns, Moseley says.

“It’s more about an experience than a quick 10 to 15 minute cut.”

Moseley was kind enough to let this Times reporter experience first-hand his barbershop’s transformative powers.

It was a very enjoyable experience and also refreshing for the barber – Paula – to actually listen to how I wanted my hair to look instead of presuming what I wanted.

The cut was not rushed, she was thorough in her work, and the wash and rinse and hot towel afterward were the perfect way to cap the experience.

Highly recommended and I’ll definitely be back.

BarberShopCo is at 98 Picton Street, Howick.

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