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Waterworld comes to Maraetai

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Waterworld Aquapark is coming to Maraetai and surrounding beaches this summer for explosive fun.

Waterworld Aquapark is making a splash in Maraetai/Ohinerangi this summer.

The massive inflatable water course will be coasting the shores of Maraetai and surrounding beaches from mid-December until Waitangi weekend.

From December 19-24, Waterworld will be open to everyone 5+ at Maraetai Beach, starting at 10am and finishing at 7pm.

Then the water course will be at Mairangi Bay from December 24-29, Maraetai December 25-30, continuing for six-day intervals at these spots until February 4.

Kel Travers, managing director of Waterworld, says he’d always wanted to get a waterpark out south-east.

“We had a big debrief with Auckland Council event facilitators in April,” Travers says. “They went, ‘yeah, let’s do it.'”

Travers says that Waterworld is looking for security guards at night and water-qualified lifeguards during the day.

“It’s always great to hire the locals,” Travers says.

The watercourse will have slides, blobs that send people flying up into the air, monkey bars, log runs, ball runs, obstacles to walk around, swings and more for anyone bounding on for their one-hour sessions.

It is required for anyone, including adult supervisors for 5-9 year old children, to be a confident swimmer. Children under supervision will be wearing a yellow wristband. Anyone over 70+ is granted free entrance.

Due to Covid-19, Waterworld will have a number of safety preventive measures in place.

They will start off with 80 per session (one-hour), with 15-20 minutes break between to ensure everything is in order.

Vaccination passports will be required. Interested parties are encouraged to book online first.

The water course, Travers says, is an exciting and fun family-centric adventure. “It’s a whole family thing,” Travers says. “There are not many things that bring the whole family together.

That’s the really cool thing about water parks.”

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