Warning as scammers pose as AT staff

A Pakuranga woman has warned residents to look out for suspected scammers who are passing themselves off as Auckland Transport (AT)officials.

The woman, who’s name the Times is withholding, said she was approached at their gates community last Thursday night by two people wearing high-visibility jackets. The scammers also had false documentation and declared themselves as employees of AT, a council-controlled organisation of Auckland Council.

The bogus employees were asking residents at Westminster Flats on Pakuranga Road (opposite Howick Intermediate) what time they typically left their homes in the morning and were promised two weeks’ free transport into the city for their help.

She’d heard there were three similar scammers in Angelo Ave and more in Patons Rd around the same time.

The woman said she was told by AT there was no such service and she also advised police who told her they were investigating. “They sent a patrol car but those people had gone,” she said.

“They advise never to open doors at night. They also said anyone who comes onto a gated community after dark is trespassing.”

RESPONSE: AT has come back to the Times and reiterates there are official AT members going around working with residents during the construction of the Eastern Busway.

An AT spokesperson has said they are assisting residents with their commute to work, offering the opportunity to have a personalised journey plan created.

This is part of a wider initiative to minimise the number of cars travelling through the Eastern Busway construction site, those going round follow the protocol in terms of identifying themselves, however feedback is welcomed, says the AT spokesperson.

If you would like more information about the new travel options available in East Auckland, the wider initiative or to sign up for a personalised journey plan online, visit AT.govt.nz/travelplaneast



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