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Tyres slashed overnight on Pakuranga street

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The aftermath of the tyre slashing. Times photo Wayne Martin

Chatsworth Crescent residents had their Sunday morning plans disrupted as they awoke to discover many cars on the Pakuranga Heights street had been the victim of tyre slashing overnight.

Roy Dormer’s car was one of those targeted in the event which he said was “kind of uncalled for”.

It was an unwelcome reception for Mr Dormer, who has only lived in the street for a week.
He was driving to church in the morning when he heard a funny noise and discovered one of his tyres had gone flat. Upon closer inspection, he discovered the tyre wasn’t just punctured, but had been finely cut.

“I thought I’d been targeted [because] the car was on my property inside the gate line. I called my flatmate and his car had been done then he looked down the street and most of the cars had been done.”

While only one tyre on Mr Dormer’s car was slashed, other residents weren’t quite so lucky.
“One property had three cars on it and two tyres on each car [were done]” said Mr Dormer.
“I’ve lived in the area before and never had any issues.”

He said the incident has left residents “pretty uneasy” about leaving their cars parked on the street.

Another Chatsworth Crescent resident estimated around $2500 worth of damage had been caused from what he saw, plus the inconvenience of not having a car to get to work.

He said the unknown culprit remaining on the loose is unnerving.

Area prevention manager Senior Sergeant Steve Richards said Ormiston police are aware of a “number of vehicles” that had their tyres slashed on Chatsworth Crescent in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“We have not had any similar reports in other areas that we are aware of at this stage however this type of behaviour is unacceptable and obviously very concerning to residents.”

Snr Sgt Richards said frontline police staff were aware of the incidents and would be carrying out extra patrols in the area.

Anyone who witnesses suspicious behaviour should contact police immediately on 111. Information can also be provided to the Ormiston Police Station on 250-2800.

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