Friday, June 14, 2024

Transport Minister promises better bus service

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Councillor Dick Quax, Local Board chair David Collings, Simeon Brown, Simon Bridges and Councillor Sharon Stewart met to discuss transport issues in east Auckland.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges was in Pakuranga on Tuesday to talk about transport issues in east Auckland.

Bridges met Howick Local Board chair David Collings and Howick Ward councillors Sharon Stewart and Dick Quax to discuss the Ameti project and the East West Link.

With the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI) Project set to get underway mid next year, Bridges says: “More than ever before we’ve got confidence in the plan we’ve got for east Auckland.”

Bridges takes this opportunity to remind us that the Ameti project, which is a designated bus way that connects Pakuranga to Panmure, will create a more regular and reliable bus service.

“What you’re going to have here is specified public transport lanes without the cars which will allow them to run more regularly without delays.

“It will take people further faster than they were able to go before,” he says.

Bridges says that while there is always more to be done, meeting with the Howick Local Board and Howick ward councillors helps pinpoint the transport issues affecting east Aucklanders and come up with solutions together.

“I completely understand the frustrations around public transport in this area, but we are getting on with it and making things happen. We are prioritising these issues.”

Simeon Brown, National candidate for Pakuranga says: “It’s good to see central government and local government working so close together on these things.

“We’re all in agreement on what needs to be done and that’s something which I think we need to continue to do.”

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