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Transport issues focus for new candidate

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Luke Collings is standing for the Howick Local Board. Photo supplied
  • Luke Collings, Howick Local Board candidate, Botany subdivision

I’ve lived in and around Botany my entire life. I learned a lot through my father [Howick Local Board member David Collings].

Since before I can remember, he’s been a councillor of the former Manukau City Council and on the local board. It has given me a precious insight.

I would make it my duty to preserve any and all public-owned land, be it parks, car parks or anything else that is owned collectively will remain so, as well as the continued development of the local parks into facilities for the people; children’s playgrounds, dog parks, BBQ areas. Suggestions welcome!

I’m not a fan of Auckland Transport (AT) and their management of traffic [such as] the recent developments undertaken at the intersection between Cascades Road and Botany Road.

Not only were the road works poorly managed at the time, but we were left with this absolute mess of a “road” afterwards.

The lanes weren’t clearly marked and the new road layout isn’t exactly ideal.

Reeves Road Flyover was due to begin in 2015/6. Auckland Transport clearly needs some guidance or coercion.

This senseless rush toward public transport that unfortunately no one uses is not without good intention, but is creating nothing but a bigger mess.

The bus lane from Panmure to Pakuranga couldn’t take up more room, while still not alleviating any traffic [issues].

The only thing AT seems capable of is throwing in cycle lanes, bus lanes, speed cameras, speed bumps or traffic lights willy-nilly.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in public transport. It’s essential. But people like having their own vehicles and the freedom that comes with it.

This shouldn’t be sneakily taken away from the people through the lack of investment in road infrastructure while taxing your fuel at a premium for it.

Preservation of our environment is a must and minimisation of waste dumping through free dumping facilities is a good idea, instead of making it harder to participate in inorganic collections.

It wouldn’t cost the council that much, especially as we already pay for the removal of any dumped trash through the parks department.

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