Times delivery day to change

Local newspapers around the country tend to publish earlier in the week, said Times CEO Reay Neben. Photo ODT

What a difference a day makes.

Our Times titles (Howick and Pakuranga Times & Botany and Ormiston Times) are changing their publication dates from Thursdays to Tuesdays beginning next month.

Times Media’s managing director Reay Neben says times continue to change and our papers have to follow suit.

“We’re making this dramatic change because we believe that earlier in the week people have more time to enjoy and read our paper,” she said.

“We’ve looked at the market and we realise that earlier in the week is a better time to publish. We also don’t want to compete for letterbox space with all the junk mail delivered later in the week.

“Local newspapers around the country tend to publish earlier in the week.”

The way the company delivers is changing too.

“As we are changing the day we distribute, we decided this was the best time to take back our distribution in-house,” Mrs Neben said.

“So our first Tuesday distribution will be February 4 and we are looking for local walkers to fill all the runs.”


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