Times back in print

Reay Neben, Times Media’s managing director.

It was so good to be back in print last week.

Thank all of you who have made contact – your comments were reassuring. We’ve had so many messages from readers delighted to have the newspaper back in their letterboxes.

Local businesses are really suffering and the Times is no different.

As this lockdown continues and very few of us are earning enough to pay the constant bills, I ask you to please support our advertisers and local businesses.

I feel so sorry for the organisers of events that are traditions in our area and the doubt as to whether these are going to happen or not.

Last week the Howick Village Association cancelled the Village Hop, now a real crowd pleaser but not this year.

In this issue we share with you the launch of the Howick and Districts 175th anniversary website to celebrate next year’s big event but this is now months behind.

I was surprised to read that our area is not up in the 90 per cent group of those with double vaccinations so come on East Auckland, let’s bring this lockdown to an end.

I am so pleased to say that all our team is fully vaccinated.

We do really appreciate our readers and your support.

At this level we are still not working in the office and we’re really looking forward to when we can open our doors again.

  • Reay Neben is Times Media’s managing director