The world’s largest virtual 5k planned for COVID-19 lockdown

A British man wants people around the world to take part in a coordinated 5k run to unite communities during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Using the hashtag #World5k, Peter Symonds wants those in lockdown to participate in the #world5k, virtually, in accordance with the current lock down and social distancing measures in place across the globe.

Free to join, #World5k will take place on Saturday 18th April, with a local start time of twelve noon, thereby allowing as many people as possible to participate. If all goes to plan, the #World5k attempt should fan out like a domino effect across the world, beginning in the South Pacific and ending in America’s outlying islands.

“I wanted to create an event that everyone, no matter where they’re based geographically, could participate in and feel part of.” Said Peter, when asked about the inspiration behind #World5k.

Peter continues; “Covid-19 is an unprecedented global crisis, the likes of which has put most of the world’s countries in isolation. With everyone obeying social distancing measures at home, I thought it would be nice to create an event that could bring everyone around the world together. Inspired by stories of people exercising at home and running marathons on their balconies and in their gardens, I thought it might be fun for everyone around the world to take part in a global event. 5k gives people the freedom to take part at their own pace, and can even be performed indoors simply by stepping on the spot.”

Peter’s motivation for launching #World5k is also to encourage everyone to follow government guidelines and stay home to help to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“I live in a flat so I understand how restrictive being stuck indoors 24/7 can be. World 5k is a chance for everyone currently stuck in isolation to be part of something that is good for their mental health and instils a sense of belonging to a wider, global, community.”

While #World5k is just for the fun of taking part, Peter encourages those who want to use the event to raise money for a good cause to set up a JustGiving page.

“There are so many worthwhile causes around the world and everyone has one that’s close to their heart. If people want to use #World5k as an opportunity to raise funds for a charity of their choice, that would be a lovely outcome to the event.”