Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Science Roadshow is here!

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The Science Roadshow will be on today and tomorrow at Sancta Maria College / Photo credit Science Roadshow LinkedIn

The Science Roadshow will be found ‘up, down, all around’ Aotearoa New Zealand this year with a clear message: science is everywhere and for everyone.

The Roadshow seeks to inspire and make hands-on science experiences accessible to students from all corners of the country by enlivening the Science curriculum.

A local venue is available for east Aucklanders at Sancta Maria College, Botany South, on Tuesday 3 (today) and Wednesday 4 of August (tomorrow).

This year’s focus on ‘citizen science,’ a practice that reinvigorates traditional scientific approaches, emphasises the vital role the individual has in making sense of the world around us.

A session with the Roadshow lasts eighty minutes and consists of two shows which introduce key scientific concepts with time in-between to explore more than 60 hands-on exhibits — from launching rockets and burning off the energy from a packet of fries, to learning how to support Manaaki Whenua in a nationwide bird count.

Roadshow Director, Ian Kennedy, explains, “we want all students to have early opportunities to connect with science and technology.”

“Having a fun, hands-on programme that is supportive of student learning, extra resources for teachers and travelling into smaller and more isolated rural towns through to larger cities and various communities within reduces many of the barriers to science engagement.”

For further information or to find out when the Science Roadshow will be in your town, go to or contact:

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