The Eagle has landed

The Eagle visited Macleans Primary School on Friday. Pictured, from left, are new entrant teacher Tanya Roux Loch, senior constable Phil Saval and teacher Robyn Young. Photo Ludene Lefevre.

The Eagle Police Helicopter made a flying visit to Macleans Primary School in Bucklands Beach on Friday.

“The students were so excited about the visit because it linked to their learning about ‘How do our superheroes in our community help us?'” deputy principal Angelique Wendzich said.

“Some of our superheroes like senior constable Phil Saval and his crew came along to answer some of our students’ questions.”

The students had a chance to view the helicopter up close and their teachers took some photos of them with the superheroes.

“The students were buzzing with excitement and many of them were inspired to become police officers when they grow up.”