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The bucket-list marathon

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Phil Moon and Steve Millar are taking part in the New York Marathon this November. They are currently raising money to make the trip possible. Times photo.

Running a major world marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity many can only dream of.

For Steve Millar, it’s a dream that is about to come true.

In just a few short months, Steve will know what it feels like to cross the Central Park finish line in the New York City Marathon.

He will join over 50,000 runners on November 4 to tick the world’s biggest marathon off his bucket list.

But he will do it a little differently.

Steve will partake in the marathon in a specially-designed wheelchair, pushed by his brother-in-law Phil Moon.

On April 16, 2016 – aged just 40 – Steve suffered an extremely rare medical event, leaving him paralysed on the right side of his body and with limited verbal communication although he remains fully present in understanding what is going on in conversations.

Hi wife Tina Millar says she remembers the day of Steve’s accident like it was yesterday.

She says she has spent every day since making sure Steve’s life is just as exciting as it has always been.

“Steve has always been such an active bloke and I couldn’t just let every day be a repeat of the one before,” says Tina.

With this in mind, she set out to come up with ways to allow Steve to be active, despite his accident.

In 2017, Tina’s brother Phil Moon who is a marathon runner decided it would be great to have his brother-in-law take part in a marathon as well.

So they set to work organising and settled on the half marathon across the ditch in Sydney.

“This year we wanted to go one better as Steve absolutely loved it,” she says.

“We initially tried for London in March and got a place only to then be told sorry no athletes can be pushed, self propelled only. Disappointed we tried for New York.”

To make the trip extra special, they are ticking a few other things off Steve’s bucket list.

Tine, Steve and Tina’s father will head to America together and go to Disneyland, followed by a Route 66 road trip to New York.

They will meet Phil in New York in time for the marathon.

“I’m so proud of all he has achieved and that he is determined and driven. He has a big countdown calendar on his wall he crosses off every night and is so excited for this trip,” Tina says.

They are now trying to raise $12,500 to get Steve and his team to New York and also to help Steve continue physio and pay for his race chair.

  • You can visit their givealittle page here.

Steve’s Fundraiser

A local resident, Andrea Martin, has put her hand up to help raise funds for Steve’s marathon trip and is hosting fundraiser on Saturday July 21 at the Howick Leisure Centre.

From 9.30am to 1.30pm a number of fitness classes will be held to raise money for Steve’s trip.

The classes will be taken by some of east Auckland’s finest health and fitness experts and each class is $5 per person. .

Powerhooping, pilates and self-defence are among the classes on offer.

For more information visit the fundraisers Facebook page here.

Steve Millars wife, Tina, says he is so excited for the fundraiser he wants to come along and take part in a class himself.

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