Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Thank you for your feedback

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Howick Local Board chairperson Damian Light. File photo supplied
  • By Damian Light, Howick Local Board chairperson

Thank you for your feedback on our draft Local Board Plan. The public consultation on the plan closed on Monday, August 14.

Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback and views. We’re analysing what you’ve told us and will finalise this strategic plan before the end of October.

Delivering what the community has asked for

We’re pleased to report that on Thursday, August 17, the Howick Local Board approved our community and environmental work programmes.

These provide the budget and direction for staff to deliver events and activities through June 2024.

While there have been some reductions to our budget along with increased costs, we’ve worked hard to balance our budget to deliver a wide range of programmes and activities.

We used the feedback from our community earlier in the year which told us to focus on arts and culture, youth, and the environment.

Some highlights from our new work programmes:

  • Continued operational funding for Arts Out East, Uxbridge, Howick Historical Village, local bands and theatres to provide financial stability for these groups.
  • Keeping Kauri Kids Howick early childhood education centre open until June 2024, allowing more time to explore alternative options.
  • Enabling our Celebrating Cultures event to run annually, providing an opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity that we’re so fortunate to have in our area.
  • Ongoing support for the Howick Youth Council who continue to deliver a range of self-directed youth centric programmes and activities.
  • Establishing a permanent dedicated youth facility and appropriate programmes following on from last year’s successful pilot.
  • Increased funding for environmental restoration programmes including our stream improvement programme and the award-winning Pest Free Howick.
  • Continued support for our school waste minimisation, construction waste enforcement and industrial pollution prevention programmes.
  • Additional support for local business associations to promote and grow the local economy including supporting local business awards.
  • Significant capital investment to bring existing assets up to standard including local playgrounds, carparks and footpaths.
  • Dedicated local crime prevention fund to tackle the local issues.

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