Thursday, June 13, 2024

Sustainable fashion show at Botany Library

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Local designer and stylist Estelle Pape recently showcased re-fashioned denim jackets, and the Flying Hanger collection at the Botany Library. Photos supplied

A fashion show combining style, environmental sustainability, and travel essentials was held at Botany Library on July 13, with the theme of ‘Women as Warriors’.

The night began with live music from a saxophone player, as over 180 attendees took their seats.

Models then showcased re-fashioned denim jackets, and the Flying Hanger collection by local designer, and fashion stylist Estelle Pape.

Estelle said, “the re-fashioned denim jackets were all about sustainability to give new life to gently worn clothes, and in doing so, saving our planet”.

The guests were treated to a glimpse of Estelle’s Flying Hanger collection.

Estelle also introduced her charity, ‘Sophisticoated’, which gifts re-fashioned jackets to women who are undergoing challenges, to remind them of the warriors they are.

Margaret Lay, one of the Botany Library staff members, said, “Botany Library is not just a “house of books”, it is a center for community engagement and enrichment. Events like these enable greater cohesion between local businesses like the Flying Stylist, Botany Library and the wider community.”




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