Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Supernatural justice to prevail in statue theft

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By Jim Birchall

In a brazen act, a heavy statue has been stolen from the front porch of an elderly resident in Kilkenny Drive Botany. And now she intends to summon a ghost to teach the person a lesson.

Maree Harman’s mother-in-law (who didn’t want to be named) is angry and upset that someone would enter her property at night and walk as far as the front porch to spirit away a statue.

Maree describes her mother-in-law as a strong-willed, independent lady in her eighties, who would definitely confront a trespasser.

The statue was of no real commercial value, but held significant sentimental value, said Maree. So much so, that the victim is dead serious that a haunting should be meted out to the offender.

“She wants her deceased mum to haunt this person so they don’t do it to anyone else,” says Maree.

Dead serious- The statue thief may have an unwanted possession. Photo supplied

Judging by responses on the East Auckland grapevine page on Facebook, the theft is not an isolated incident in the Botany/Dannemora area. Maree says she is grateful the forum exists.

“Thanks to the Grapevine, we are able to share these things to make other neighbours aware of what is going on around us and to keep an eye out for one another.

“To some of them this may seem trivial, but they should have tried listening to mum telling us millions of times how upset and annoyed she is. Such a shame we can’t even beautify our yards, not only for our own enjoyment but for everyone who walks by”.

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