Sunshine after the storm

Residents of south eastern Auckland will be surveying the damage this morning following yesterday’s dramatic weather.

The storm caused severe flooding and traffic chaos as water levels rose to waist-deep in some places, threatening livestock, property and vehicles.

Times photo Wayne Martin

Regional parks were closed and school camps were evacuated as normally placid rivers raged.

The storm caused hundreds of power outages across the top of the North Island – including homes in Clevedon, Whitford and Kawakawa Bay.

Times photo Wayne Martin

As of 8:00 this morning, Vector reported only 110 households in that area remained without power.

Vector said heavy flooding and slippages had prevented access to the area but power is expected to be restored for most residents after lunch.

Times photo Wayne Martin

While it’s a dry break for many of those affected by floods and torrential rain yesterday, WeatherWatch is forecasting the reprieve won’t last for everyone.

Oslo the Chocolate Labrador makes the most of the flooding in Clevedon yesterday morning. Times photo Wayne Martin

Rain is likely to return back to Coromandel Peninsula today and showers are already scattered across eastern Northland and Great Barrier Island.

Here are the general forecasts from

is likely to have a mostly dry morning with showers developing later. There may even be a sunny spell this morning. There is some chance the showers could set into rain again too, but today won’t be as wet as yesterday.

Waikato is mainly dry today, some risks of showers later but the big widespread rain bands should avoid much of Waikato for most of today. Sunny spells are also possible.

Coromandel Peninsula will see showers turn to patchy rain today – with a risk of heavy falls, hopefully not as intense as yesterday.

Western Bay of Plenty, like Auckland, also has a cloudy but dry morning. Showers form later and may turn to patchy rain for a time.

Northland will see wet weather moving in from the east – perhaps more than yesterday. There is a chance of some heavy falls in the east.