Sunday, May 19, 2024

Students plead to save wildlife

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Three local students have taken up a noble cause – doing their bit to help protect some of the world’s wildlife. Here’s their appeal to the community:

People of Howick and Pakuranga,

Did you know that the world’s tigers, elephants, rhinos and zebras are in constant danger because of poaching? Did you know that you could play a part in helping to protect and preserve these beautiful animals?

We are Kayla, Emily and Sammie and we are Year 8 students from Bucklands Beach Intermediate. This term we have been researching the terrible effects of poaching and we want to take action against this senseless and violent activity.

Rhino horns and elephant tusks are illegally removed from murdered or dying animals and the ivory is sold for overwhelming high prices. The skins and body parts of tigers and

zebras are also extremely valuable to poachers and these people are willing to risk breaking the law to kill these protected animals. We need to help stop this tragedy. Environments are damaged by the loss of these precious animals as they each play an important role in their habitats.

There are two ways that you can make a difference. The first is to never buy or trade in ivory, animal fur or food and medicines containing poached animals. The second way that you can help is to donate or adopt a rhinoceros, tiger, elephant or zebra from a charity such as World Wildlife Fund or We fundraised around our neighbourhood and adopted Harapan the rhino for a day. Think about what a great Christmas gift this would be for the person who has everything and loves animals. Hopefully you have taken something away from this and will consider helping out towards the cause.


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