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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

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By Jim Birchall

Students from a Howick dojo will be competing in the New Zealand National Kung-fu Wushu Championships next month.

They will be competing in the following disciplines: Wushu Taolu (forms / routines) (tradition and modern wushu), Taichi Taolu (forms / routines), and  Sanda (Kick-boxing).

Wushu, commonly known as kung fu, is a form of contemporary Chinese martial arts that blends elements of performance and martial application.

Wushu training emphasises quickness, explosive power, and natural, relaxed movement. The wushu practitioner must combine flexibility with strength, speed and flawless technique, and fierce intent with effortless execution.

A student displays southern style fist technique.Photo supplied

The New Zealand Wushu Academy holds classes in Howick during the school term and runs a school holiday program in Onehunga.

They have more than 70 students and numbers are increasing every term. Students range in age from children, teenagers, university students and adults.

A national team will be selected from the competition to participate in the World Junior WuShu Championships, next year in Morocco. Wushu New Zealand last year sent it’s first ever junior team to the junior’s in Brazil, and found success with 2 athletes finishing in the top 8.

The championships are on Saturday, November 9 at the Auckland Netball Centre, 7 Alison Ferguson Drive, St. Johns. Entry is free for spectators.

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