Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Student-led innovation: LED dog harness for Lace

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Students of Creative Technology, an innovative new class at Howick College, have designed a harness for Urban Search Rescue that lights up rescue dogs.

The harness allows the rescue dog handler to see the dog in the dark.

Learning about different technology subjects that brings real-world learning into the classroom, the students hand-stitched an electrical circuit using conductive thread and LED into the harness.

Peter Hoskin of Urban search and rescue dog Lace with Howick College technology students, Sophie Chadwick, Yousif Alsabak and Mason deBruin. Photo supplied

The LED lights allows handlers to see their canine companion when they are searching at night and improves visibility in dark areas where there is no light source available such as collapsed buildings.

Students got real-time feedback from Peter Hoskin of Urban Search and Rescue who tried the specially designed harness on Lace, the rescue dog.

The team was led by staff members Rohitesh Mishra, Elisha Hoskin, Taylor Woodmass and Richard Rounds.





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