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Stay safe in the outdoors during level 3 restrictions-Police

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As we head toward the weekend, Police Search and Rescue is reminding the public to adhere to Alert Level 3 restrictions and stay safe in the outdoors.

Under Alert Level 3 any outdoor activity should be low risk and in your local area.

About 6pm last Thursday police were called to Wellington’s MacKenzie Track after a man became lost while walking.

“The man was found safe and well about three hours later but it appears he was ill-prepared for his walk,” Officer in Charge of Wellington Search and Rescue Sergeant Anthony Harmer says.

“Alert Level 3 restrictions and the current cold snap make it even more important that anyone venturing out adequately prepares for any eventuality.

“That means planning your trip, checking the weather forecast, being aware of your limits and taking the right supplies.

“It’s vital that people don’t undertake new or potentially dangerous activities at this time – this is for their own safety as well as that of Police and other first responders.

“When it comes to outdoor recreational activities, please stay local and apply common sense.”

The police advise you to:

Plan your trip: Tell someone where you are going, and let them know when to raise the alarm if you don’t return.
Beware of the weather: Our weather is very unpredictable and can deteriorate quickly.

Check the forecast and expect weather changes.
Know your limits: Don’t push your physical limits and experience, especially while we remain at Alert Level 3.
Take the right supplies and equipment: Make sure you have the right clothing for the conditions and emergency rations for the worst-case scenario.

Take appropriate means of communication.
Think: If you get into trouble, can you call for help? Who knows where you are? Do you have the clothing, food and equipment to stay safe until help arrives?

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