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Spiller brings experience to board role

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Howick Local Board deputy chairperson John Spiller is standing for re-election. Photo supplied
  • John Spiller, Howick Local Board candidate, Howick subdivision

John Spiller belongs to a family with a long record of service to the people of Howick and developed an interest in local-body affairs some years ago.

He became elected onto the Howick Local Board in 2010 and has served as deputy chairperson during the current term.

Spiller knows Howick is a place of exceptional historic character and that it still has many tangible connections to its colonial and Maori history.

He strongly believes these links should be acknowledged and retained so both current and future generations can appreciate the elements that shaped Howick’s past and will influence its future.

He continually advocates for the provision of outstanding recreational and sporting facilities and has helped drive many past and current projects for the Howick ward area.

Spiller says quality parks, reserves and walkways are essential for community health and well-being because immersing yourself in these special places helps relieve stress and keeps you in contact with the wonderful local natural environment.

He is passionate about the outdoors and as a member of the Howick Tramping Club he’s able to participate in an important nationally-recognised conservation project in the central North Island.

Locally, he supports animal and plant pest-control initiatives, gets involved with community tree-planting days and continues to support measures aimed at improving the water quality of streams, estuaries and beaches in the region.

He’s a long-time participator in the Mangemangeroa Reserve restoration programme and works closely with the Friends of Mangemangeroa group to both enhance and maintain this exceptional local asset.

A vote for John Spiller is a vote for continuity, experience, integrity and dedication to his local community.

Vote # We Know Howick, Burns, Spiller and White.

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