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Spar wars- Bronte wins a trinity of silver at WuShu nationals

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The recent New Zealand Wushu champs at St Johns had a silver lining for Whitford local Bronte Coluccio.

She picked up three silver medals across the Taolu discipline which encompasses staff, broadsword and bare hand fighting styles.

The win was just another achievement for the talented 26-year-old, who only took up Wu Shu (Kung Fu) 18 months ago, and spent six months of that, injured.

She is also an experienced aerobics coach, spending 20 hours per week training local youngsters to international competition level. She represented New Zealand in Aerobic Gymnastics for many years at numerous international events before shifting her sights towards coaching and judging the sport.

Whitford local Bronte Caluccio shows off the Wushu Taulo Barehand routine at the Wu Shu National champs. Photo Wayne Martin/Times

Bronte has encompassed her athletic background into stunt work for both U.S and New Zealand film and TV productions. She recently appeared on popular local show Wellington Paranormal, and started her career in the industry with several appearances on the American comedy horror television series, Ash v Evil dead which stars veteran movie monster-hunter Bruce Campbell, as Ash.

She is currently working as a stunt woman on an undisclosed large scale production, and takes inspiration from kiwi Zoe Bell, who is recognised as the gold standard for female stunt performers. In regards to Bell, Bronte said she admires her as a woman “who has basically made it” (in Hollywood films).

In the near future Bronte would like to be “working internationally in film” and has taken several trips to Los Angeles and combined training with industry networking. She “would love to see more women in martial arts” and hopes her achievements act as an inspiration to young women looking to take up combat sports.


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