Shelly Park School turns 40

Brian Rolfe; Shelly Park School Principal, Sophie Hutton; current Year 1 student, Richard Henty, Foundation Student 1979.

By Hannah Williams

It’s a big year for Shelly Park School as they celebrated their big 40 last Tuesday also known as Foundation Day, the day the school opened back in 1979.

In honour of the milestone, a birthday celebration was put together by a keen team of parents spearheaded by Ali Cromack, secretary of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Those who showed had connections to the school in different ways from previously being part of the PTA, the Board of Trustees or were past students.

Visitors had the chance to reminisce on their time involved with the school as the walls were lined with photos of the school’s progression since it began building in 1977.

The atmosphere was buzzing as they enjoyed the celebrations which included a moving speech by principal Brian Rolfe discussing the importance of having such a warm and welcoming school for the kids to grow in.

Afterwards a two-tiered cake was cut by bright-eyed year one student Sophie Hutton, with the help of foundation student Richard Henty, one of 47 students who attended the school in its grand opening year of 1979.

Students weren’t left out of the festivities either as each class received a box of cupcakes accompanied with icing and sprinkles that they could decorate and enjoy while learning the history of the school.

The festivities will continue as the school gears up for its annual spring gala in September.

Raising funds for the new court project redevelopment, the spring gala will be bigger than ever with a wide range of activities and festivities for the family to enjoy.

The celebrations came to an end too soon on Tuesday, as teachers had to get back to class but there were smiles all around as attendees felt proud to be part of the school’s remarkable history.

In commemoration of the milestone, the school will be planting a tree, a lasting remembrance in honour of the legacy foundation principal Tom Beals created.

The school is hoping to connect with the foundation students and teachers from 1979 to invite them to celebrate the commemoration.

  • If you were among the foundation students and teachers of 1979 and want to get involved in the school’s celebration contact