School gets behind Lion King show

Lion King Jr was a Howick Intermediate School musical production that involved all 484 students. Year 8 student Annabelle Harrison writes about the exciting school production.

I seriously enjoyed being a part of Howick Intermediate schools production of The Lion King–given the magnitude and nature of this amazing whole school opportunity.

While I personally was lucky enough to be a member of the core cast of this production; even if I hadn’t been, I would still have been given a chance to be a part of the singing, dancing acting extravaganza that was our show.

Howick Intermediate’s production of The Lion King, pictured are some of the Wednesday night’s session cast, clockwise from font left are:
Tyla Sutton (Zazu), Annabelle Harrison (Rafiki), Jireh Lui (Mufasa), Quinn Bevan (Simba), Cerys Gibby( Scar), Kairi Paipi-Tepou(Pumbaa), Dayzha Pulley-Akavi(Timon), Ka’iulani Scott( Nala) & Grace Miller(Young Simba).

From chorus members to backstage crew and audio-visual management, each student was given the ability to completely and utterly contribute their talent and individuality to this culturally rich celebration of living and the circle of life through the performing arts: Dance, acting and vocal performance.

Our goal as a team and school community was simple; integrate and create performing arts opportunities within our community, and this, I think, we did.