Sunday, March 3, 2024

Salvation Army’s social housing complex nears completion

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46 well-insulated units will be ready for allocation soon. Times photo Wayne Martin

It’s well on schedule. The 46-unit Salvation Army social housing complex at Chapel Rd will be ready for a code of compliance by the end of this month.

Located next to Baverstock Oaks School and BestStart Baverstock Oaks childcare, the new 36 two-bedroom units and 10 one-bedroom units will be ready for occupation by April once a formal blessing and inauguration is done.

Greg Foster, national director for Salvation Army Social Housing, says he is very happy with the progress made.

“Now it’s just a matter of waiting for the code of compliance.

“We are excited about the material we have used for building,” he says.

“Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) have been used instead of the traditional build. It provides great insulation and will result in much lower heating costs. Tenants will hardly have to use the heater in winter and it will be very cool in summer.”

In terms of eligibility for tenancy, only those on the social housing register can be allocated the housing units.

“People are referred by our tenancy team. We’ve got hundreds of people referred and have not decided on the allocation of units as yet. I’m sure those 46 units will be occupied very easily.”

The social housing complex, built on land owned by Salvation Army, also has a large community hall that will be used by the East City Corps officers, tenancy staff and the community.

“There will be community events held here at the hall and to create a sense of community that supports one another,” says Foster.

He gives due credit to the investors and the government.

“It wouldn’t have happened without their support. The funding was raised by 100 per cent bonds from Lindsay Foundation, Wilberforce Foundation, Matua Foundation, Christian Savings, the Tindall Foundation and Generate KiwiSaver.”

Currently, half the land owned by the Salvation Army has been used for the social housing complex with no further plans for development at this point of time.

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