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Ropati leaving Howick College

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Howick College principal Iva Ropati is to leave Howick College and will take a role in Papamoa.

Howick College principal Iva Ropati is leaving the school after more than a dozen years’ service for a role in the Bay of Plenty.

Ropati has been offered and has accepted the role of principal at Pāpāmoa College. The start date has yet to be confirmed.

Howick College Board presiding member Miles Stratford said in a note to the school community this week

Ropati has been a very well-respected leader of the college for more than 12 years.

“During his tenure as principal, the college has gone from strength to strength including bringing in new and innovative ways for our students to learn,” Stratford said.

“The results students attain at the college have improved significantly as have the opportunities for students to achieve in ways that are meaningful for them.

“Leadership opportunities for students and staff have significantly increased under Iva’s leadership including the appointments of our head students over the last five years. The culture/wairua of the college is strong. Our values are embedded and guide our behaviours and the course we are on. These are all part of Iva’s legacy.”

Stratford admitted to having mixed emotions passing the news of Ropati’s looming departure.

“There is a significant sense of loss and some sadness associated with this news,” Stratford said.

“Iva has great mana amongst our students, staff and community and this will be hard to replace. However, there is also excitement, excitement for Iva as he explores a new part of the country to live in and a new community of staff, students, parents and caregivers to lead.

“Significantly, there is excitement for the College. A strength of Iva’s leadership is his courage in surrounding himself with a strong and highly-competent senior leadership team. This team has already demonstrated its ability to lead the school in his absence.”

This took place last year, when Ropati supported the NZ Teachers Council in developing a framework for school leadership development.

“The senior leadership team is, in turn, supported by highly competent and passionate Heads of Learning Areas (HOLAs), Heads of Department (HODs), teaching and support staff. Iva leaves the College in excellent shape,” Stratford said.

“Iva’s departure will not be immediate. We will update the community with a date closer to the departure on the appropriate planned farewell. There will be plenty of time for those who wish to communicate with Iva to do so.

“I have no doubt there will be many who, like myself and my fellow board members, are grateful for his years of service and wish him well on the next steps he is taking professionally and personally.”

Ropati told the Times his time at Howick College has been so special and he has much to be thankful for.

“I have worked with some incredible staff over the years who have inspired me with their passion to constantly create and provide opportunities for students to be successful,” Ropati said.

“I have cherished the time with students who I will miss most.  They never surprise me in their pursuit for excellence right across the school but it’s their desire to be good and inclusive people that I am really proud of.

“We have worked so hard on living our core values and every year I see more and more evidence of this heart-warming strengthening of character that we need to see more of in our communities.”

“My new challenge at Papamoa College is exciting and I look forward to working with the team there in a relatively new and progressive school. I particularly like their student-centred learning approach and the opportunity to work with a Y7&8 cohort.

“I am sad to leave Howick College but the school is in really good shape and the time is right to move.”

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