Retired policeman loses $2000 on the way home

Errol Wagner, 76, lost a large amount money on his way home from the bank.

A retired policeman has lost $2000 in cash between Highland Park ASB and the bus to Bleakhouse Road.

On Wednesday March 10, Errol Wagner, 76, travelled to the ASB at Highland Park at 9:05am.

He crossed the road to the bus stop, took the bus to the top of Bleakhouse Road, walked down the street and arrived at his house. It was some time in this space of time that he lost his money that was in an ASB plastic sleeve.

Errol thought he had put it in a bag he had around his waist.

“I won’t tell you the rude words I used when I realised it was not there,” Errol says. “But it was $2000 in cash. I was quite upset”.

Errol’s car had recently undertaken major repairs. The large sum of money, that he’d withdrawn from the bank, was meant to pay for that.

After the incident, Errol reported it to the police.

“The annoying thing is that I’m a retired policeman,” he says. “I should’ve known better!”
Errol urges that if anyone has found it – whether it’s in their glove box or on the top shelf at home – to return it to the police.