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Retailers feel supply pinch

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Shoes on Picton owner Sarah McLaren says that deliveries have been a “mixed bag”.

A number of Howick stores are facing delays, missed products and potential price increases.

Bev Winstone from Paper Plus on Picton Street told the Times that supply deliveries are taking a longer period of time. “It used to be two-three weeks,” Bev says.

“Now it’s around three-four. We try to order well in advance.”

Sarah McLaren, owner of Shoes on Picton, is having similar issues.

“Some orders have taken a few months to arrive,” McLaren says. “Some haven’t come at all, or with items missing.”

For example, she says, only four sandals of the 18 ordered arrive, or with a few coming on different days and times. “I’ve given up on that particular sandal,” she says.

She also hasn’t been able to get certain popular colours.

“It’s an issue, especially, in European products.”

For the winter collection, there have been very little delays so far. They are, she says, lucky to get a lot of items in for summer. “It’s a mixed bag.”

On the other hand, Howick Village Optometrists are experiencing very little supply issues.

Frith Jenkins, practice manager and owner, says that “it’s not a major yet”.

“Most of our product is air freighted,” Jenkins says.

“The big issue is couriers within New Zealand (NZ) keeping up with the amount of deliveries they have. The fact if they get Covid-19 they can’t work until RATs are done.”

Christine Fairclough, owner of Cinnamon Brown, says that supply issues have “gotten better”.

“Some stuff hasn’t arrived.”

Meanwhile, she says, wholesalers’ are saying prices will go up. Bev echoes these sentiments.

“We hope that it won’t,” Bev says. “It will affect everything that will have to be delivered.”

McLaren noted that prices are currently rising.

“Especially European products,” she says. “It’s going to go up again.”

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